After the Workshop

//After the Workshop

I wrote this letter to the participants after a 5 day radical aliveness workshop. I always feel so inspired by the processes that I witness. The group as the world, getting to know itself.


I want to say all your names. Do not forget who you are. DO NOT FORGET WHO YOU ARE. The world was in our room. The world trying to know itself.

You are those who take risks, you are those who make a mess, you are those who are filled with love, you are those who start with judgment and end with your own pain, you are those who need and cry out, you are those who answer, you are those who don’t know, you are those who are willing to see their hate and cruelty, you are those who carry a burden of both what was done before you and what you do now, you are those who reach out a hand, you are those who sing, you are those who fight and blame and then find what is un-owned and unfelt inside, you are those who dance with joy and have so much to give. You are me and I am you- every feeling, every energy every expression- you are a mirror of humanity.

Someone in the workshop said – I have never seen so clearly how the roots of intolerance come from unfelt pain. Yes. Feel it- feel it all. I see someone sitting with her hands at the feet of another and feeling torn because there was more pain in the room and seeing how clearly we need to give what we have when we see it right in front of us. It is not possible to heal the pain of the world as one human being. But it is possible to keep giving what we have to give when we see it. And for those of us in a position to NOT SEE- thank you to the ones who did the work on their legacy of being German. You were potent reminders of what happens when we use our position not to see. If takes work from our position of power to SEE- I want to see.

Receive- take in the beauty the air and the nourishment that is all around you. And then GIVE- give what you came to give. Feel what is yours to feel so that you do not pass it on. Look inside and see the parts that are hardest to see- they are the key to our deepest pain. Let those who trigger you and make you want to run the other direction be the keys that open the door to your deepest parts. Be willing to see everything that lives outside- inside.

Let yourselves go inside and be quiet. Rest and relax if you can. Write about what you loved about what you did this week. What did you risk that makes you proud? What parts of yourself did you show that you want to nurture? What did you see others do that inspired you? Write about all these things, integrate this week. And then BRING it to your world. It is okay to make a mess, it is okay to make mistakes, it is okay to be large, it is okay to have more energy, it is okay to be who we are, it is okay to be open hearted, it is okay to be vulnerable.

I have a simple rule of thumb= you know you are in your authentic self when you feel vulnerable. Sometimes being angry with someone makes us feel vulnerable- that is how we know it is not defensive anger- all true self, whether love or anger- feels vulnerable. Use that as you rule. And if you find your self blaming, remember- blame is not the truth- blame sits right on top of something deeper, more powerful, more vulnerable and truthful.

Thank you for making this a better world with your willingness to feel. Thank you for not being afraid to make boundaries and lose control and fight and tell the truth and love and forgive. I am honored to have been with you.

-Ann Bradney