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CONNECTION: Explore the places that keep us separate from ourselves, others and the world. 

Become a Radically Alive Leader and an agent of change!

Workshop objectives:

In this two day workshop, we will explore the places in ourselves that keep us separate from ourselves and others and the world. What do we really long for? What are the risks around being in connection and how does it affect our personal lives, as well as those around us and the world at large in so many profound ways.

As we understand more about this topic, you are invited you to embrace multiple perspectives and be encouraged to taste the freedom of true self-expression. You can learn how to experience the powerful feelings of others without needing to mold or tame them. You become a radically alive leader filled with fresh insights, ingenious solutions, and new possibilities. A passionate and influential change agent in a rapidly changing world.

Workshop description:

In this workshop, we will become aware of the complexity of connection and disconnection” and the impact thereof with curiosity and openness. We will challenge our personal beliefs and stories around “connection” with a non-shaming attitude.

Do you feel a deep longing to be in connection, a desire to be free of unwanted connection, or have a difficult relationship with it in our busy lives? What stops you from seeking more of it or having boundaries to protect oneself from it? These are all questions that we will explore and how they affect us from a somatic, body-mind based awareness.

The Radical Aliveness approach is a raw experiential and supportive, group process where deep discoveries arise in self- awareness, cultural sensitivity and social systems. It’s a safe place to express deep emotions and discover the power of true self-expression. 

We will support you to take risks as you find out more;

  • Feel into where authenticity, vulnerability and self-responsibility play a part in being in deep meaningful connection.
  • Reveal your shadow side where you don’t want to or won’t connect in your life fully.
  • Discover what are the consequences of separation and distance as opposed to connecting?
  • Explore where relationships may be sabotaged by the challenge of intimacy, being seen and seeing the other.
  • How do we see others who are different from us and how we disconnect from them and what is the global impact?

When and Where:  

Saturday and Sunday, November 9 and 10, 2019

10am-6pm and 10am-5pm
Noyes Cultural Arts Center
927 Noyes St. Evanston, IL 60201


$275 before October 20, $325 after.

How to register: Online at: https://www.coreenergeticschicago.com/register

The Leader:

Ami Isett is a Certified Radical Aliveness and Core Energetics Practitioner. She has a private practice in Evanston, IL, serving the Chicagoland area and online around the country for the past 12 years. Ami sees clients individually, in couples, groups and leads workshops. She brings her passion and skills around movement and body awareness to the practice of somatic release and expression. Ami’s deep compassion, intuitive abilities and big heart help her create safe spaces where transformation and change can happen.  Her website is; www.coreenergeticschicago.com and Core Energetics Chicago on FB. Please call her at 772-531-3761 and email; amieisett@gmail.com for more information.