October 7, 2018 – October 12, 2018 all-day
Hollyhock BC
Cortes Island
British Columbia
Radical Aliveness 5-day Retreat with Ann Bradney, Founder @ Hollyhock BC | British Columbia | Canada

The Radical Aliveness approach engages participants in a unique group process that welcomes powerful feelings and dynamic group interactions. Standing in the way of your own aliveness are the chronic patterns you formed in your past in order to survive. In this weekend workshop we will engage in body-based Radical Aliveness techniques and exercises in order to free these frozen feelings
and history that no longer serve you. This work helps you reconnect with deep parts of the self that you disconnected from as a child. It uncovers the power and goodness at the source of your most destructive patterns. It leads you to connection with your deepest essence.
As you release blocked energies, you will be able to create authentic connections with others while uncovering the power and goodness at the source of who you really are. Through the Radical Aliveness process individuals are supported and able to step into their own authority in order to become influential leaders who are present and involved in the world.
In this 5-day Intro to Radical Aliveness retreat, you will work individually and in groups to understand, transform, and release the past as you deeply explore, experience, and express your blocked and held energy. You will work on your relationship to yourself and explore relating to others in radically alive ways. You will find what stands in the way of your full potential for life.

To register and for information on room, board, cost and schedule, please visit: http://hollyhock.ca/programinfo/bradney.

Questions? Contact: christina@radicalaliveness.org