January 20, 2018 – January 21, 2018 all-day


Let’s talk about relationships.

We might as well, because they’re everywhere in our lives. And they drive us crazy.

Family, friends, colleagues, lovers. There is no area of human relationship that is free of struggle: jealousy, insecurity, competition, dependency, attraction, abandonment, and on and on. There are so many emotional challenges when we enter into a relationship with another.

​”What have you come to teach me?”

​Whenever I’m struggling with another person, I remind myself that there is something for me to learn. That I’m in this relationship for a reason, that I chose this, and that this struggle has a hidden opportunity if I’m willing to take it.

In this two-day workshop, we’ll explore the unconscious patterns that keep us from relating in a more authentic way. We’ll work with boundaries, need, desire, and enmeshment. We’ll support you to take risks and explore relational edges.

Over the course of the weekend, you’ll have the opportunity to:

…tell another person how they impact you, and hear how you impact them.

…learn about the ways you project onto others.

…reveal your triggers, and discover what’s underneath.

…explore the shadow part of you that wants to punish and refuses to forgive.

…work with setting your boundaries and stating your needs.

…open to conflict, and trust that it’s taking you somewhere important and good.

Come prepared to take risks, tell the truth, and deepen your connection to others!


$350 before January 5, $390 after
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Jana Sinyor, CCEP,  is a screenwriter and television producer, who has won numerous awards, including an international Emmy. She created the television series Being Erica, which ran for four years on the CBC, and ultimately led her to discover Radical Aliveness and Core Energetics. Jana completed her certification at the Core Energetics Institute in New York, and for the past three years, has co-faciliated a Toronto-based weekly group, and led workshops on topics close her to heart, including pleasure, sexuality, breaking free of patterns, and taking risks. Currently, Jana lives in Toronto with her husband and two children. She splits her time between writing and her Core Energetics practice.
David Sutcliffe is an actor, filmmaker, and CCEP, a graduate of the Radical Aliveness Institute’s inaugural class of 2012. In 2013 he founded Radical Aliveness Toronto, where for 3 years he led weekly groups and workshops, helping to build a new and thriving community. His passion to share this work led him to produce and direct Group, an 11-part series documenting a Radical Aliveness Workshop led by Ann Bradney in 2009. As an actor, he has over sixty film and television credits in his twenty plus year career, including the role of “Christopher” on the acclaimed TV series Gilmore Girls. He currently lives in Venice, CA, where he continues to act, write, and lead workshops.