September 18, 2016 – September 23, 2016 all-day
Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA
55000 CA-1
Big Sur, CA 93920
The Radically Alive Leader 5-day Retreat, given by Ann Bradney, Founder, Radical Aliveness Institute @ Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA | Big Sur | California | United States

People in leadership positions who strive to be inspiring, influential, and highly effective must be exquisitely present, fully alive, and willing to learn anything about themselves. When you can engage the powerful feelings of others without the need to control or tame them, that’s Radical Aliveness. When you can learn to hold a space where conflict and challenge are welcome because they serve as doorways to fresh insights, that’s Radical Aliveness.

The  Radically Alive Leader retreat is designed for established or emerging leaders— business people, community leaders, and other professionals who want to learn the principles and apply the techniques of Core Energetics and Ann’s Radical Aliveness approach to bring more charge and creativity to their work.

In this 5-day retreat we will work with blocks to leadership, facing conflict head-on, and opening to the unpredictable energy of life. Participants will be encouraged to lead, take risks, be emotionally honest, shed personal agendas, and help build a dynamic group process where every member is an essential part of the whole. Our aim is to foster leaders who serve the greater purpose of life.

This group process may be unlike any group work you’ve done before. It demands courage, committed engagement with others, and a strong desire to discover and develop your leadership potential within an accelerated, intense time frame and setting.

This work is powerful, respectful and cathartic. An interview is required if you are new to this work.

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For information on room, board, cost and schedule, please visit: http://www.esalen.org/workshops/reservations.html