Ann Bradney, CCEP, is Founder and Director of the Radical Aliveness Institute where she leads the 2 & 4-Year Training Programs. She previously served on the faculty at the Core Energetics Institute in New York where she also received her Certification studying under Core Energetics founder John Pierrakos. After nineteen years conducting a private practice in NYC, Ann relocated to California in 2008 to found the Institute. Expanding upon the concepts and principles of Core Energetics, Ann developed the Radical Aliveness model – a distinct approach to working with groups that addresses community healing and world issues. She leads workshops throughout the year in Santa Monica and the Bay Area, as well as at retreat centers including Esalen, Omega, and Hollyhock. She teaches and conducts trainings internationally including at organizations for peace in Israel, and at Core Energetics Institutes in Holland, Brazil, and Mexico. She is an approved Continuing Education Provider for MFTs and LCSWs. Approved practitioner and supervisor for Radical Aliveness Institute students.

Patricia Pfost, MBA, CCEP, is Dean of Education at the Radical Aliveness Institute. She is a Core Energetics practitioner and a Brennan Integration Work practitioner. She has been a faculty member of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in the U.S. and Europe since 1995 and is currently dean of the Advanced Studies, Brennan Integration Work Program at BBSH in Miami. Patricia earned an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and is a graduate of the Center for Intentional Living program in integrative psychology and the undergraduate and teacher-training programs of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and the Institute of Core Energetics under the direction of John Pierrakos, M.D. A Dynamic Facilitation practitioner since 2004, Patricia pursues a passion for family and community conversations that access the peacemaking wisdom and breakthrough creativity of the collective. Approved practitioner and supervisor for Radical Aliveness Institute students.

Gleason_webBrian Gleason, CSW, CCEP, is a Senior Faculty member of the Core Energetics Institute in New York City. He teaches Core Energetics internationally – in Mexico, Australia and Holland. Brian’s training is as a licensed social worker, and his background includes working as an Employee Assistance manager for a major corporation for 12 years before moving full time into private practice. Along with his wife of 31 years, Marcia, they have co-created a transformational approach to working with committed couples called Exceptional Marriage. He is the author of two books Mortal Spirit and Going All The Way. Approved practitioner and supervisor for Radical Aliveness Institute students.


JoAnn Lovascio is a Core Energetics therapist with private practices in Marin County, CA and Seattle, WA.  She trained with Siegmar Gerken and John Pierrakos and assisted in subsequent trainings  while  on  the staff at the Core Energetic Institute West. In 2000 she developed a year long Core Energetics group program and has facilitated those groups throughout the United States and continues that work in Marin County, CA and Seattle, WA. Her work in Seattle has spawned a thriving Core Energetics community. She has brought Core Energetics into several spiritual communities, including the Integral CommunityWaking Down in Mutuality, and Kore Leadership, [a women’s mystery school].  She has also facilitated supervision groups for Core Energetics trainees of the Radical Aliveness Institute. She also coaches business professionals. JoAnn is certified in Susan Aposyhan’s Body-Mind Psychotherapy. She is certified in Somatic Psychology from Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. She has also studied with Babette Rothschild [Somatic Trauma Therapy] and Stan Takin [PsychoBiological Approach to Couple Therapy]. She weaves Core Evolution, Body Mind Psychotherapy, and other psychosomatic approaches with her spiritual awakening, deep human compassion and lust for life. Approved practitioner and supervisor for Radical Aliveness Institute students.

Niki (Norma) Angel, MM, Ph.D. has devoted the past 20 of her 34 years as a Maryknoll Sister working with hundreds of groups and individuals focusing on multiple issues revolving around cultural complexities. The primary thrust of her work is to create a supportive and inquiring environment which allows each person the opportunity to feel that he or she has been seen, heard, respected and validated. This experience is essential in order for awareness and healing to occur. Niki’s training as an Organizational Development Consultant and Diversity and Process Facilitator forms one foundation of her work with groups. Additionally, her extensive research on cultural complexities between and within groups, and among individuals that come from individualistic and collectivist oriented cultures, provides the second supporting foundation for her work. This cohesive approach is strengthened and enhanced by her considerable experience living and working with groups from various cultural backgrounds in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Netherlands and North & South America.

Sherri Brown, CCEP, is a new member of the faculty at the Institute.  She had previously taught on the staff at Nyack Living Core, and is the co-creator and co-facilitator of the Core Evolution Program of Personal Transformation.  She operates a full-time practice in NYC, working with individuals, couples (EMM Certified), and facilitating group process.  Sherri’s work is primarily concerned with helping people to live the fullest expression of themselves, assisting her clients to step into the power that comes from knowing their purpose.  Sherri’s training came as an inaugural graduate of the Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Institute of California.  She approaches her work with gratitude to her guides, specifically Ann Bradney and Warren Moe for allowing her to explore the work as an interpretive, and deeply creative form. Approved practitioner and supervisor for Radical Aliveness Institute students.

D.Sutcliffe(web)David Sutcliffe is an actor, filmmaker, and CCEP, a graduate of the Radical Aliveness Institute’s inaugural class of 2012. In 2013 he founded Radical Aliveness Toronto, where for 3 years he led weekly groups and workshops, helping to build a new and thriving community. His passion to share this work led him to produce and direct Group, an 11-part series documenting a Radical Aliveness Workshop led by Ann Bradney in 2009. As an actor, he has over sixty film and television credits in his twenty plus year career, including the role of “Christopher” on the acclaimed TV series Gilmore Girls. He currently lives in Venice, CA, where he continues to act, write, and lead workshops. Approved practitioner and supervisor for Radical Aliveness Institute students.

International Research Consultants


Jorge Galindo MA, CCEP, is Director of CORPORE, México. His background includes training in Gestalt therapy and he holds a Master’s degree in Humanistic Psychology from Iberoamericana University. He studied the bodywork approach at Wilhelm Reich’s institute in México City, as well as in the first generation of Core Energetics training in Mexico. He is also a Hakomi Method Practitioner, and mentor in the “Exceptional Marriage” model. He has been a teacher and coordinator of trainings in Human Development, mind-body therapy and Transpersonal Development since 1990. He frequently teaches in several cities around Mexico, Los Angeles and the Netherlands. Approved practitioner and supervisor for Radical Aliveness Institute students.


Roge Canto, CCEP, is member of the Faculty of Corpore México. His training includes Human Development, Gestalt Therapist, Specialized in EESI (Emotional Understanding and Internal Silence) in the Human Institute of Gestalt Psicotherapy México. Certified as an Exceptional Marriage Mentor. Master in Reiki since 2006. He has been a coordinator and practitioner of Five Rhythms and Holotropic Breathing in México. Roge opened his private practice in 2008. He frequently teaches in several cities around Mexico and has been a Training Assistant in the Radical Aliveness Institute. His Backround includes being the Director and Lighting Designer of his own show business company. His first training was as a theater actor. Approved practitioner and supervisor for Radical Aliveness Institute students.