Radical Aliveness International Certification Programme
Directors: Niki Angel and Ann Bradney

This programme is developed to train practitioners committed to working with complexity, diversity and powerful emotion with skill and deep wisdom. We are living in an increasingly connected, complex and diverse world. The skills needed to navigate the powerful emotions and differences in this world are imperative. Those of us who serve in numerous capacities, in different settings across varied cultures, must be highly trained in navigating this territory both within ourselves and with others. We need to be able to work masterfully on the individual, group and systemic levels. This involves a willingness to move deeply into our own powerful emotional experience as well as stand in the presence of that deep expression with others.

Who is this programme for?

For this initial pilot programme we are inviting women, who might be community activists, social workers, therapists, practitioners, missionaries, coaches and those working with others in diverse, complex situations.

What is it?

This is a training programme that results in Certification as a Radical Aliveness International Practitioner.

The programme requires a commitment to attend 8 Modules.

The programme also involves a commitment to complete all additional requirements;

  • Individual sessions in the first year
  • Supervision and Individual sessions in the second year
  • Homework throughout the program
  • Final Project
  • Program Supervision

*Post Program Supervision

*Upon successful completion of the above requirements a certificate of attendance is earned.

In order to obtain the Certification, you must also complete a third year of required supervision.

What does the program consist of?

  • 8 module Programme
  • Probationary Period (first 2 modules)
  • Experiential and Didactic Methods
  • Small and large group facilitation and intervention skills
  • Individual practitioner skills
  • Working with Diversity, Complexity, and Conflict
  • Skills in Organic Inquiry
  • Final Project
  • Homework
  • Individual and Supervision Sessions
  • Ongoing small work groups
  • Post Programme Supervision


April 20 to 26
August 24 to 30
End of Probationary Period
November 9-15
January 18-25
April 11-17
August 22-28
November 14-20
January 16-22

This pilot programme is now full. We will send out announcements when we open a new programme.