Our 2-Year and 4-Year Training Programs attract students from all over the world. Our student body is made up individuals who travel from Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Canada and Japan, as well as those who join us from different states around the U.S. With their professional backgrounds and personal goals just as diverse, each student over the course of their education, develops a personal understanding for how they plan to integrate their Radical Aliveness training toward their goals of making an impact in the world.

Carolina MarinCarolina Marín, Bogotá, Colombia

Radical Aliveness is a wonderful way of living my own life and working as a therapist. I am using Radical Aliveness to help adults and couples to work out their struggles, to understand their own histories, find their truth and gain more and more freedom within themselves and their relationships. When this happens, we can all make bigger contributions to the world in all the roles we have and play in our contexts.

The Radical Aliveness Institute is a huge opportunity for personal awareness and growth and an opportunity to be part of a great healing that the planet needs.

Brian WoodBrian Wood, Orange, CA

I am a dance accompanist and composer who works with different groups of students and performers – connecting to them musically to help unlock their potential in connecting to themselves and audiences. My own freedom and confidence as a musician and collaborator has been greatly enhanced through the Radical Aliveness  training program. I feel free to take musical and artistic risks in relationship to others. Where I once felt a tension about performing and doing things “right,” I now have a feeling of clarity and confidence that allows me to connect my sound and give in much bigger ways. And I love it!

I am growing into a much stronger, capable person because of this work.

This is truly the most amazing work I have ever found – a course of study that feels so real and full. I never thought I could connect to people in such an incredibly truthful and fulfilling way- letting them see me all the way, in my struggles and triumphs. It is so liberating. ALL OF YOU and everything that you want to bring – everything you ever imagined you are, everything that you’ve ever hidden or been afraid/ashamed of become part of your greatest strength in truly acknowledging your simple amazing presence as a human being. It feels incredible – feeling all of the terror and anger and resistance I have held back in my life – and letting other people see it and support me in it – and then letting those same people see me filled with the real aliveness and joy that comes from being who I really am. I am learning to connect to people and give my gifts.

This work has helped me to open my heart to people so much – in my relationship to my family and my girlfriend and to everyone around me! I really feel like I have the tools to be in the world in difficult situations and just stand my ground and feel – to not be so disturbed or afraid of the reactions of others. It is difficult brave work – and I am still growing.

Jamie SteinJamie Stein, Los Angeles, CA

As both a veteran story analyst for the Sundance Writers’ and Directors Labs as well as a freelance script consultant, it has become incredibly clear to me that we’re always exploring our own personal conflicts and life themes through the fictitious worlds that we create on the page. This is why our scripts have the power to transform us on incredibly deep levels. And yet it is also why our scripts often cause such crippling anxiety and resistance: we often find ourselves drawn to the material that will embody our deepest struggles and concerns, but then lack the resources to work it all out on our own. This is when creative blocks occur in the writing process. Writers generally blame themselves for blocks, and then attempt to resist, outrun and outthink them. This kind of resistance is futile, however, because those very blocks often hold the key to unlocking the heart of the conflict they’re looking to resolve through their characters.

This is precisely why I have combined my Radical Aliveness training with my script consultation work. The use of this work in the writing process shines a light on the deep connection between the client and his script – it not only empowers the client to bring this connection into the light of day, but it further gives him tools to actually feel into the connection and move the energy necessary to create a complete piece of work. The more the writer gets to know his script, the more he gets to know himself. In the end, the writer doesn’t just write a thematically realized screenplay, he also gets to transform those themes inside himself. In this context, creative blocks do not need to be met with dread, judgment or resistance – they are simply indicators of held energy that needs to be explored for deeper information about the writer’s personal relationship to her work.

The use of Radical Aliveness in the writing process helps clients:

  • Stop trying to outthink resistance and instead work with it to discover what vital creative energy they’re holding back in the writing process.
  • Discover why they’re writing this script and how it wants to transform them.
  • Explore their characters, story and theme from a place of deep intuition and body feeling (rather than from the busybody guesswork of the mind).
  • Step fully into the story their hearts truly want to tell (rather than the one their brains tell them that you “should” be writing).
  • Cultivate their own inner creative guidance.
  • Take the self-blame, self-judgment and worry out of writing, and let it be fun again.


LesleaLeslea, Orange County, CA

I’ve always wanted to dig deep and understand myself and others better, but I always took an intellectual route. Talking and thinking and reading have given me insights, but haven’t really helped me change my behavior or my reactions to things that happen in life.  For example, talking about not taking things personally let me know in my head that it is rarely in my best interest to take something personally, but it didn’t help me not take something personally.

But getting in my body and really paying attention to where I’m holding tension or emotional pain, and then being supported by a facilitator who can help me stay with myself while I feel all those feelings fully, well, I just can’t say how empowering that is.

I remember one of the facilitators saying once that she was no longer afraid to feel any emotion; that no emotion was too scary to feel all the way.  At the time I’d wondered if I would ever feel like that, but I know I’m getting closer!  I am now much more able to feel whatever I feel, be it pain, rejection, humiliation, grief, and recognize it as a feeling that I’m having, not as something that defines my being or my worth.

Nuria Camps I. SalatNuria Camps I Salat, Costa Rica

I received my Bachelor of Science in Education from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain and Master in Social Economy and Management of Non-Profit Entitites from the University of Barcelona, Spain.

In addition I graduated from the Ibero-American Association of Floral Therapists. Today I am dedicated to the formation of floral therapist trainings and conferences internationally. I completed the 2-year Radical Aliveness Training.

I have been a Floral Therapist for several years. Since the flowers arrived into my life, my everyday life changed completely. After a while, I incorporated into my work the Jungian archetypes vision using the flower essence sets that were created by Dr. Eduardo Grecco: “The son of Eve” for twelve female archetypes and “The Dance of Adam” for twelve male archetypes. When I started the Radical Aliveness Training Program, I realized this approach would add very important elements to my workshops to help achieve a deeper social transformation. With the experience I’ve gained through my first two years of training at the Radical Aliveness Institute, I developed three interesting and transformative working proposals. The Soul and Body Wounds: This is a monthly course that lasts for 10 months, in which we work the five soul wounds. This is body based group work using the theories of Radical Aliveness and the use of flower essences. The Son of Eve: Twelve Female Archetypes and Their Body Memories: This is a weekend workshop that makes an intense journey through the twelve archetypes, acknowledging the energy in our bodies that keeps us imprisoned and the way we relate (with the environment) from there. Female Sexuality Workshop: This is a seven-month workshop, in which we work very intensely with six archetypes, using flower essences, body and group work based on the Radical Aliveness approach. Currently these workshops are offered in Costa Rica, Mexico and Chile. For more information please visit my website: www.encuentromagico.info

Ian EllingtonIan Ellington, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Aside from the tremendous amount of personal healing and transformation that the Radical Aliveness program gave me, I really had no idea when I started what an impact it would have on my work and life purpose.  As a sexual healer, Tantric bodyworker, and Conscious Integrative Breathwork facilitator with The Garden of Ian, I was already working with people in deeply emotional, intimate, and transformational ways. The experience and teachings that I received from the Radical Aliveness training have taken my practice to a whole new level and have greatly influenced the way in which I work with clients on their own healing journeys. It has given me many new perspectives on the role of childhood wounding and how that is held in the body as well as extremely useful techniques for unlocking the blockages and armoring of our repressed life force energy and connecting people back to their pleasure and most authentic selves. I am very excited and grateful for the power of this work, what it can bring to the world, and how it can assist me on my mission of helping people in their journey to return to their original innocence.

BrentBrent, British Columbia, Canada

Considering that I have been in the counseling field for the past 20 odd years I thought that I knew and understood myself fairly well. What I have learned in the last three months not only astounds me but has shown me that this process is by far the most radical and insightful learning process I have ever encountered. I would recommend it to anyone committed to learning about themselves and others.

Winter MillerWinter Miller, New York, NY

If you seek to become self-responsible and you want tools and a community that will support your growth and call you on your old tricks, the Radical Aliveness Institute is transformative. I’ve felt it myself and I’ve witnessed it in all my classmates.

Radical Aliveness taught me how to make significant changes to my behavioral patterns and cracked my heart open wider. I witnessed others make incredible strides to become their deepest and clearest selves. It’s hard work, but it leads you to living your life, not a facsimile of it or your history, but to the present truth of your adult self. Now, as a Core Energetics Practitioner, I carry Radical Aliveness into my writing workshops and intensives. I lead workshops in NYC for people looking to step bravely into their writing projects and deepen their characters, plays, novels, stories, etc. I am expanding my work into seeing individual clients for more traditional counseling as well as motivating artists to take the risks they’re craving. If you’re ready to step into bigger shoes, theRadical Aliveness Institute provides the support and training to expand your footprint.  www.wintermiller.com

Bob WheelerBob Wheeler, Santa Monica, CA

So a friend recommended that I go see these folks at Radical Aliveness. My initial intention was to get a dose of healthy perspective so I could finish a book I was writing. I was at an impasse and was concerned that someone might actually like what they read. I was also concerned with “who am I to write a book and give a point of view”.  So I only needed the Radical Aliveness Institute to help me with those two issues and I could go on my merry way.

Well, I did get what I wanted – I completed the book, The Money Nerve – and a whole lot more. With a bit of hesitation and lots of resistance, I jumped in. After dabbling in my terror and my anger, I got to take inventory of what was working in my life and what was not. I have been held accountable for my actions, which has eliminated my ability to play the victim card. Since my participation in the Radical Aliveness Institute, I have faced my terror and lived. I have owned and will continue to own my dark side. I have found my voice. I have found my ability to stand up in the face of conflict and speak my truth. I have found my leadership. And most importantly, I have found myself.

I decided to stay in the 4-year leadership program because I am excited to take this work and incorporate it into my financial workshops that I have started offering. I have seen how the Radical Aliveness processes work even with people who have not even been exposed to Radical Aliveness. I have seen how Radical Aliveness has improved my relations with family & friends that I have brought into Radical Aliveness. AND I can definitely say I am feeling more Radically Alive every day.  www.themoneynerve.com

Charlotte JohnsonCharlotte Johnson, Los Angeles, CA

Radical Aliveness was one of the most amazingly profound experiences in my life  – so much so that I was willing to travel back and forth from NYC for three years in order to attend and ultimately moved to LA for my fourth year of the training and the next phase of my life.

The training gave me back my heart, along with the ability to experience and release my feelings (anger & rage particularly), rather than try to manage them, inventory them, or pray them away.  My body changed; my breathing changed. While I and others had incredible, personal growth, the school’s vision and work goes beyond the personal to the world.

The school’s program also gave me the structure to fulfill on my own dream to help people find their way back to their own hearts – to find and release what keeps them from having the life and love they so desperately want. I was able to start my own groups while still in NYC – one centered on the love addict and/or avoidant and another for those who have had a lifetime of giving themselves away in the hope of being loved, valued and wanted. I’m looking to start both a private and group/workshop practice here primarily focused on those having challenges in the area of love, connection and relationship.  I’m also looking for ways to reach out to the 12-step community whose consciousness and connection to a higher power blends so powerfully with Core’s body and emotional release work. Check out my facebook page at Charlotte Johnson – Core Energetics or contact me at charlotte@bodyandsoulsolutions.com

Pedro RojasPedro Rojas, Bogotá, Colombia

Up to two years ago, the story of my life could be summed up as a series of ongoing and unsuccessful attempts to step out from limbo. I think that out of my almost 52 years of life, I have spent 49 in a state between this world and no-world, between the worlds of form and of chaos, between ordinary reality and subtle reality.

As an unbaptized child in the Christian myth, I feel that I never fully arrived on this planet, I never felt fully part of human life. I remained in an intermediate state between  before life and the embodied life of a human being, the Radical Aliveness Institute has changed that story. Since my attendance to the workshop run by Ann in Esalen, which motivated me to attend the school, little by little I have been stepping out of the painful liminal state in which I have been sailing for so many years. I have finally acknowledged and accepted myself as an individual who belongs to this world and is able to build an authentic and meaningful life within it.

Lynn WoodLynn Wood, Orange, CA

MA Dance, Certified Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and Certified Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Practitioner. I am 66 years old. I have been working in the area of free expression through the body since I can remember. I have taught at several universities over the past 40 years. Modern dance, choreography and performance (both traditional and experimental) are my areas of expertise. I started the Radical Aliveness Institute training in order to gain the skills and the confidence to bring the work I had always envisioned out into the world in an embodied way. And now I am doing it.

I came to realize that I chose the arts as a career because it was the only avenue I could see that supported the free expression of truth that I so longed for in my life. Working with students as I continued to perform and choreograph, I saw the university training program lacking in supporting the deep personal work it takes to be able to fully embody the artist’s role in society, which is to dare to bring one’s voice out into the world with no apologies. At least that is the kind of artist I wanted to train. I searched for adjunctive training that would help me to bring that missing piece. I learned about the human energy consciousness system and developed skills to support healing through energy work, but there was still a missing piece.

I found just what I was looking for at the Radical Aliveness Institute, where the training focuses on expressing one’s unique voice with consciousness and awareness of how it affects people. I practiced leaning into conflict, breaking conventions, and following impulses. My artist-self craved the work. The deep healing I received through this training allowed me to take the risks I was not taking in my life. I was holding back and trying to fit in. The Radical Aliveness Institute taught me to see that I needed to stand out and not fit in, to take the risks to do what is necessary for myself and in relationship with others so that the full measure of my gifts could be shared with the world.  I had been doing this as an artist, but not showing up that way in my own life. There is no holding back in the work I do now with individuals and groups. I am an artist in my work. I work creatively helping individuals and groups to bring the full measure of their longing for their lives out into the world. I love watching my clients open to their own unique vision and gain the courage to go all the way into their aliveness and creativity.  Everyone in their lives will be affected by their growth.

At the Radical Aliveness Institute it is not a “one size fits all” approach.  We are each encouraged to bring what we learn to the skills we already possess and to bring that out into the world in infinite creative ways depending on who each one is at their core. I have developed my own method called Conscious Movement Process that combines with the Radical Aliveness process in a group setting. My sessions include supporting body/mind/emotion to let go and feel the full flow of life using my skill and my whole self in relationship with my clients. I find the deepest pleasure in helping others to have their deepest longing. My work and my life are merged now. As I am with people, I am doing my art and I am doing art for life’s sake.

I offer process groups, workshops and am currently introducing this Radical Aliveness work to a spiritual community in Orange County. I see individuals and couples privately. Sessions conclude with integration and energetic healing. Contact me at 714-357-1451 or email at   lynn@lwoodhealingarts.com  www.lwoodhealingarts.com

Gretchen HinojosaGretchen Hinojosa, Los Angeles, CA

I am the IT Test Management Lead for a team of 18 who are responsible for ensuring the quality of the Lease and Loan Servicing System for an automotive finance company. I manage the allocation of resources across the various small and large system enhancement projects that are continually underway. I provide guidance and mentorship to my staff on the testing approach for the many business processes and systems functions and am the point person for the department when issues need to be escalated to Management.

Before getting involved in the Radical Aliveness Institute, I knew I wasn’t living life fully, but I didn’t understand why I held back or how to change that for myself. I just knew that I couldn’t continue to repeat the same unhealthy patterns that had been in place all my life. In my first year, I went from someone who had a tendency to play the victim and not ask for what I wanted/needed to someone who is able to speak up and let people know when I have a request and/or need.  I went from someone who couldn’t handle people expressing their anger and feared confrontation to a person who is able to stay engaged when anger and discord are present and even speak up when my opinion is in opposition to others!  I struggled with setting and maintaining clear boundaries and can now say ‘No’ and feel that I am simply honoring my truth. It’s been amazing to feel so different, so strong, so centered, so grounded!! To be able to acknowledge those feelings of anger, sadness, resentment, jealousy, etc. and not blame them on others is both humbling and liberating.

I have stepped into my leadership role both in my personal life and at work in ways that I never would have imagined or thought possible.  My children/friends/staff are seen and heard, acknowledged and supported at a level that they have never experienced from me and their response to the change has been inspirational.

JonathanJonathan, Los Angeles, CA

I have tried several different types of therapy and none have come close to working like the Radical Aliveness Institute. There is something so unique about the process that makes it hard to put into words other than it works and it works fast. If you want fast, real, tangible change in your life – this is for you. It has the unique quality of circumventing your mind and ego so you cannot control, stop or slow down the process like with talking types of therapy. It moves through you on a cellular level leaving the imprint of change that will stay with you. I was worried that I wouldn’t have the time to do this program with my busy life, but it has actually fit very easily into my very busy schedule. I wasn’t even looking for major change or to deal with major issues when I joined. I just saw some things in my life that I wanted to change and empower. I was looking for subtle shifts and fine-tuning. I got that and so much more. Only halfway through my first year and I am living a more authentic life than I could have imagined for myself at this point. I feel so powerful and clear and true to myself. I joke to my friends and tell them that I am the Bourne Ultimatum of Process work. I feel laser sharp and intense clarity when dealing with people, life and myself. If you have the courage to show up and the willingness to grow to your highest potential, then the Radical Aliveness training program is for you.