RA Graduating Class Individual Projects

IMG_8730Introduction of Radical Aliveness to women jailed in Southeast Mexico

Olivia Vega Leyva, 4th year RA student

Olivia brought RA physical contact methods to the prisons of Southeast Mexico to examine the differences in the expressions of emotions between cultures. “For me what is most important is to get to know how much we have to bring, how capable we already are to realize our dreams, but we do not know it, or how to start. (Before RA), I was already a therapist (in the prisons), (I ) just didn’t trust my self enough to follow my dreams.”


IMG_8691The Bregman Leadership Intensive

Peter Bregman, 4th year RA student

Successful leadership isn’t about what you know―it’s about who you are and how you show up. The Bregman Leadership Intensive is designed to help you:

• Raise hard-to-talk-about issues in a way that others agree to address them.
• Act courageously in risky situations.
• Connect with people in a way that inspires their commitment.
• Stay grounded in the face of success, failure, or uncertainty.
• Respond productively to opposition without losing your focus.
• Communicate skillfully in the presence of strong emotions.


IMG_8705The Song of Eve, Twelve Feminine Archetypes

How do we work with archetypes in the body?
Núria Camps-Salat, 4th year RA student
Núria’s project focused on empowering the twelve feminine archetypes in the body. She explains it as “a chance to own your life, make decisions freely, and awaken the goddess that lies asleep inside of you.”
She worked with a group to explore the possibility for women and men to build a new model of relations, not from power, but based on the loving integration of the opposites.

IMG_8741Wellness for Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit

Carolina Marin, 4th year RA student
The purpose of Carolina’s process was to use TRE and Radical Aliveness techniques to help the participants feel and observe their bodies, their emotions and their sensations around their actual moment, and find actions, decisions, resolutions and declarations that could help them create a more fulfilling life on all the different levels in which they move. This program was designed to be offered to people in diverse positions within PACIFIC RUBIALES ENERGY (an Oil and Gas corporation in Colombia, that  operates in Peru, Brazil, Africa, México, Guyana and  USA). The maximum attendance was 15 people, but 17 showed up so every was welcomed.
Carolina’s intention with this three part process was to open a space of reflection and self-awareness for the participants in the middle of the rush and  hurry of their daily occupied lives, in the middle of a difficult moment  for the industry, the company and  in a hard time for the accomplishments of their goals. She opened a space for a pause, for consciousness, for understandings, for healing and for wellness that could contribute in their personal and professional fields.

IMG_8656Money at its Core

Bob Wheeler, 4th year RA student
Author of The Money Nerve, Bob led three workshops that were designed to explore the emotions of money with Radical Aliveness. His workshops help participants learn to break through mental blocks surrounding money.




IMG_8638Supportive Sessions for People Diagnosed with Cancer Using Principles of RA While In Treatment Environment

Clothilde Canale, 4th year RA student

Colthilde worked within an alternative cancer treatment center, using Radical Aliveness concepts and techniques to bring awareness, healing and consciousness to people struggling with cancer.

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