General Scholarship

  • Scholarship funds are awarded to students for whom partial financial aid is critical for their enrollment or continuation of studies in the Radical Aliveness Institute® 2-Year or 4-Year Training Program.
  • Students are expected to pursue independent avenues for financing their tuition and to apply for scholarship only as a last resort.
  • Scholarship is awarded on a one-time basis and should NOT be construed as an “ongoing” award. However, students may apply more than once and/or in multiple years. A new application must be submitted for each scholarship cycle in which a student applies.
  • Scholarship awards depend upon the level of available funds and will be made up of no more than 20% of tuition for students who live in California and up to 40% for students who travel from outside of California and the U.S.
  • All applications sections must be fully completed to be eligible for scholarship.
  • Information is confidential and reviewed by the Selection Committee only.
  • Proof of Current Income is required and may be established by submitting a Federal Tax Form or analogous government documentation for international students.
  • Proof of Current Residence is required by students applying for scholarships above 20% by submitting a current payroll stub, last year’s W2, or current utility bill displaying the applicants name and address on the bill.

Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship is available to students who come from marginalized and underserved populations who would otherwise be unable to attend the school. The school seeks students who have a vision for this work and who have the leadership qualities to use this work for the transformation of their communities. And it is for students who are committed to taking this work out into the world, especially to areas of the world that suffer from intense conflict.

Diversity Scholarship Applicants must submit all information required by the General Scholarship in addition to the information particular to the Diversity Scholarship.

All General and Diversity Scholarship awards are based on review of scholarship applicant qualifications and based on amount of available scholarship funds. Funds awarded are applied directly toward program tuition costs only.

Applications for the 2019-20 school year must be submitted by August 8, 2019.

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Contact us for more information: 310-751-0606 or email:

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