The Student Council was formed to create a liaison between the faculty and the students. Our job is to relay information and perceptions from the student’s point of view.

We are involved with assisting in providing feedback regarding our online school community network NING, as well as addressing communication issues with students. We also provide feedback on the curriculum, senior projects, homework, and logistics of the training program. At the beginning of the school year, some of our members will arrive an hour early in order to welcome new students and lead a first-year orientation.

We have a committee that will be reviewing the student handbook and giving feedback on that. We are looking for ways for the school to utilize the talents of the students.

We have started helping with travel arrangements/staying with other students before & after the module, helping foreign students get access to books.

Once students became aware of the council, the council members started getting feedback & suggestions from other students. The council meets at each module to discuss issues; the council reps meet with their respective classes and then the council meets with Institute Director Ann Bradney, Director of Education Patricia Pfost and Director of Psy-Spiritual Studies Patty Haman, to discuss current issues and to provide support to the faculty. We are also relaying information back to the students via reps as to why the school has certain things in place and how the students can support each other and the school.

I feel strongly in the value of the work we are doing and see that the student council is making a difference.

– Bob Wheeler, Student Council President