The Radical Aliveness Institute® envisions a just and open-hearted world in which all voices are heard, validated and honored and every individual is inspired and free to make their full contribution to the whole.

Our mission is to train committed individuals to be courageous leaders and influential change agents, acting with flexibility and sensitivity in any environment.

The Radical Aliveness Institute® provides a comprehensive training leading to competence in the concepts, techniques and skills of Radical Aliveness. Our graduates use these abilities in their professional and personal lives to promote healing for themselves, families, clients, organizations and communities.

Developed by Ann Bradney, the Radical Aliveness Institute® training program is anchored by a co-creative, highly participatory process that develops an awareness of our interconnectedness and responsibility to the whole. The Radical Aliveness Process® allows for an unusual level of complexity to enter individual and group work. This enhances the potency of the work and expands its impact beyond psychology to systems and the world. The combination of systems orientation, exceptional cultural- and self-awareness, the ability to hold and support deep emotional process, and a ground in spirituality makes Radical Aliveness facilitators and life practitioners unique in the world.


Radical Aliveness is based on 5 principles:

  • Cultivating a non-shaming heart
  • Honoring multiple perspectives
  • Knowing we don’t know
  • Saying “Yes” to everything
  • Being willing to be changed

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