Author: Ann Bradney

If we are willing to feel our fear we can have great courage.

If we are willing to make mistakes we can take big risks.

If we know we are human we can own up to our mistakes.

If we are willing to lose control we can follow our deepest truth.

If we are willing to stand alone we can say no to what isn’t right.

If we are willing to see, we can care for the whole.

If we are willing to feel our pain we won’t pass it on.

If we are willing to give we can give what is needed.

If we are willing to belong we can serve the whole.

If we are willing to feel deeply we can help others feel deeply.

In the deepest feeling lies our unity- lies our common humanity.

In the place where we lay ourselves open all the way we become able to dance with the divine and to know ourselves as deeply necessary to the unfolding of the greatest good for all.



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2 Responses to If we are willing…

  1. Raquel says:

    The last line really resonates with me. This week I’ve begun to understand how much I have resisted opening to a perceived “flaw” within me…a part I may never be able to heal. And I’m tentatively realizing that this flaw may be necessary for the greater good. It seems a tough lesson, given that I’m committed to a healing path, but it is inviting me to connect with my humility and to surrender to what is.

  2. ann says:

    Raquel, if we don’t have flaws we are not human. Thank you for being human. Being able to feel acceptance for ALL of who we are is what allows the greatest energy to flow through us. Ultimately, accepting ourselves is what allows our greatness. We cannot be great without being imperfect. I celebrate your willingness to surrender.

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