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We welcome you to Radical Aliveness. The work we do is healing and holistic and is about supporting the full flow of your life force energy and returning you to a state of wholeness. We work also with supporting movement towards greater awareness and responsibility in relation to self, others and the world.

When we open to our full flow, powerful feelings and traumas and deep primal energy that we have blocked from our consciousness can be experienced. In a group setting where people are opening up this type of energy, participants will experience spontaneous, surprising, and unexpected openings. Because much of the energy that has blocked us from our full flow is primal, early feeling, it is important that people coming to these workshops be informed about the intensity of what may happen for them.

This is a participatory process that encourages a group field that allows for the expression of strong feelings. Some of the things you can expect to be in the presence of in this workshop in yourself and others are strong anger, conflict, fear, deep grief, joy, love and strong early primal emotions.

Some important things to consider: Since this work is not about the diagnosis or treatment of mental or physical disorders, if you have a concern about a physical or mental disorder or condition, it is important for us to discuss it to make sure this work is appropriate for you.

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