Alive and Kicking

//Alive and Kicking

Radical Aliveness is alive and kicking. We have just finished our 3rd module at our new home in the hills of Bel Air.
We finished a workshop at Esalen that was magical. And Mike Kubena, Peter Bregman and I just did our first two RA in Business workshops prototyping how to bring this specific work to the business world. Thank you to Amico for being so courageous to allow us to come and work with you. You inspired us and taught us so much.

It is exciting to be part of a work that keeps evolving and maturing and growing and becoming what it is meant to become. It is exciting to see all the new teachers and the creativity and inspiration they are bringing. And so gratifying to watch the transformation of the people in the school as they do the work.

You know how they talk about the primordial sea where all the elements of life were born? That is how this feels. Like we are in a primordial stew and all sorts of elements are coming in contact and there is endless creativity and new life being born and some have legs and some are swimming and some are flying and they are all part of a beautiful world being born.

That is a good way to feel in this first month of the new year.

Here is how I feel- I want to LIVE! I am so excited to have the opportunity to be a part of all that wants to emerge right now, through me, through the school, through our amazing faculty, and through our incredible students. To LIFE!