Another year, another graduation, another accomplishment!

//Another year, another graduation, another accomplishment!

When you come to a school like ours, you make a commitment to step into a laboratory where everything that is part of the world is also here, and everything becomes an opportunity to learn, to know ourselves more deeply, and to be open to the different perspectives that make up the human race. We are not a school of easy answers. 

When you come to a school like ours, you agree to learn about yourselves and others through intense processes, working with the body, deep feelings, and awareness. 

When you come to a school like ours, you learn to not be the “expert,” but instead to learn to become the ‘self as instrument’.  By this we mean that the tools and techniques and theories that we learn are held with the awareness that they all come from a perspective, a world-view and that we too have a world-view. 

This sounds so much easier than it is. 

In a world that is asking us to be experts, learning how to hold the principles of Radical Aliveness is incredibly challenging. It asks our students to start understanding the ways they have been taught to see and think. They must undertake the practice of seeing with new eyes, being open to what they have not been able to see before. 

It teaches them to learn about the assumptions of the theories they study so they can hold those theories with responsibility and flexibility and recognize that they do not include all possible viewpoints. They must acknowledge that they cannot possibly know. It asks them to learn that the way our bodies, expression, feelings and experience develop is not universal. It asks them to start knowing about other cultures and ways of development. It asks them to include all of life on every level to understand the people we hold. 

It asks them to learn to stay with chaos, not knowing, silence, wildness, conflict, different  perspectives, messiness … in other words LIFE. It teaches them to stand in the fire of life, and I MEAN FIRE! 

A school like ours is not easy, but (wo)man, it is so worth it! 

To the students who are finishing year two; you have galvanized a huge step in our evolution. You came and brought the world and asked us to meet you there. You came and you stayed and you did your work and you were students and you were leaders; You challenged us and each other. It wasn’t always easy, but we wouldn’t have wanted it to be any different. The biggest learning always comes with the biggest challenges. You have propelled Radical Aliveness into more articulation and clarity. We feel so excited for where you are going and what will happen in the next two years. And we feel so proud of YOU! You are all going to rock this world.

Year four. Oh year four. YOU walked through the fire with us. Thank you for understanding what we are doing at Radical Aliveness. You were part of a big change in culture. We will never forget you. Some of you questioned and you challenged and then you stayed and rose up and embraced all that we have become. You did courageous and beautiful projects. You make us proud. You are leaders who will walk this world and do work in ways that make us so thrilled to call you colleagues. Certified Practitioners of Radical Aliveness.  Go out there and give to the world. We know that is why you came. 

To the beautiful faculty who stands  in the fire and holds this creative, powerful crucible where we are learning so much, thank you. 

To those reading this who are new to Radical Aliveness, we welcome you to join us. Come learn what it is to be radically alive and walk amongst the fabulous leaders of tomorrow who are showing the world how to say yes to everything!

With gratitude and joy in my heart for all that you have done and will do.


I love you all.