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What do you have to say?


What do you want to say? 📣 We are opening the Radical Aliveness social platforms to invite ALL voices. This is a time, like no other for us all to LISTEN. So, what do you have to say? 🚫Rules: no slander, no promotion Everything else we will say YES to! 👉What to do: DM us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook your post or image. (If you wish to remain anonymous please let us know.) 👉Get feedback: We will post it and respond. 👉Participate in the conversation: Comment on someone's post to show support or to voice your own opinion. Let's see what [...]

What do you have to say?2020-03-20T19:30:37-07:00

Healing on our way home


Dear beautiful, alive humans, Module one is done. And what a module it was. It is incredible to me to see the way our school keeps learning, growing, developing. Such an exciting time to be a part of the school, though honestly, it has always been an exciting school. I love the way it keeps changing and evolving. And all of you are part of this growth. Welcome year one! So great to feel all the new energy you bring! What we are doing together feels so meaningful. At this time when the world is so polarized, when this world is [...]

Healing on our way home2019-11-06T20:18:04-08:00

Becoming Global Agents of Change


The Radical Aliveness Institute has always been a learning organization. One of our key founding principles is the willingness to be changed by our encounters.  Five years ago I went to Nairobi, Kenya to work with Niki Angel doing an International Radical Aliveness Program with the desire to make the Radical Aliveness philosophy and model all that it could be.  The intention was to learn and grow and to bring back all the wisdom and knowledge gained to the Program here in Los Angeles.  The conundrum? How do you create a model that can hold all the ways that socialized human [...]

Becoming Global Agents of Change2019-10-05T12:16:50-07:00

Another year, another graduation, another accomplishment!


When you come to a school like ours, you make a commitment to step into a laboratory where everything that is part of the world is also here, and everything becomes an opportunity to learn, to know ourselves more deeply, and to be open to the different perspectives that make up the human race. We are not a school of easy answers.  When you come to a school like ours, you agree to learn about yourselves and others through intense processes, working with the body, deep feelings, and awareness.  When you come to a school like ours, you learn to not [...]

Another year, another graduation, another accomplishment!2019-07-10T18:52:33-07:00

What does it mean to be fabulously alive?


Life is many things, it can be hard and exciting and frightening and ecstatic. When you think of the hugeness of it, the mystery and the awesome uncontrolled force of it, it is nothing short of FABULOUS. What a privilege it is to be alive. I love the name of our upcoming fundraiser: fabulous aliveness. It really indicates what we are doing at the school. We work on staying alive, awake, excited and open in the face of all that life brings us. It requires us to learn how to use our experiences as a pathway to find out more about [...]

What does it mean to be fabulously alive?2019-05-16T23:41:53-07:00