Becoming Global Agents of Change

//Becoming Global Agents of Change

The Radical Aliveness Institute has always been a learning organization. One of our key founding principles is the willingness to be changed by our encounters. 

Five years ago I went to Nairobi, Kenya to work with Niki Angel doing an International Radical Aliveness Program with the desire to make the Radical Aliveness philosophy and model all that it could be.  The intention was to learn and grow and to bring back all the wisdom and knowledge gained to the Program here in Los Angeles

The conundrum? How do you create a model that can hold all the ways that socialized human beings show up in this world? How do you train practitioners to let go of being experts who know the answers and show them instead to become aware of their world view, and become curious about the world view of the individuals and groups they are working with? How do you hold groups, bodies, and emotions with their unique expressions and perspectives? How do you welcome all of this in a way that serves as fertile soil for resolving conflict, waking us up, and changing our lives?

In a world that seems to become more and more polarized every day, creating a healing space where this can happen feels like such a worthy endeavor. So many willing participants have come and engaged with this work and together we keep learning and growing as we embrace our willingness to be changed. Our school is creative, a laboratory that is always evolving and changing the way we work, our lives, and each other.

In the program in Kenya, we intentionally selected two extremely diverse groups to work with for a period of 3 years each. The students selected are from multiple countries, different continents, numerous tribes, religions, languages, classes, world views, and cultures. 

We are in the supervision year of our 2nd program now and these 5 years have been so rich and transformative for me, they continue to reverberate and invite me to more experimentation and eye-opening. 

When someone walks into your life and meets your vision with their vision and those energies align, there is just this powerful feeling of YES! Yes to knowing more. Yes to seeing more. Yes to understanding more. Yes to letting life lead you. Yes to creation. For me working with Niki Angel has been like that. 

As we get ready to start our 12th year of this fantastic laboratory, we want to thank every person who has come and added their energy, their voice, their wisdom, their questions, their conflicts, their doubt, their joy, their spirit, and their love. We are changed by all of you and we have learned from all of you. Thank you for bringing this work into the world and for being the agents of change that we need in our global community. 

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