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Saying yes


Saying yes Once upon a time I almost died. It’s long ago and far away, but not really. Life has brought it back to me, again. Choosing to live was the first time I made a decision from a part of me that I need to remember tonight. I did remember tonight. And remembering brought me home to a guiding force that helps me to keep staying. I have just witnessed the way that death can take us, almost took me, even when we don’t mean to let it. Death is like that. And remembering that I got the privilege to [...]

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This is how it happens. We come together, we, a group of beings who join in a common purpose, to heal. And in that field something happens. We hold each other, we affect each other, we help each other reach a realm where time and matter no longer have a hold on us. I can see it. You have cried, you have felt, you have been transported to this place where everything is possible. I see you- you have passed through that sacred doorway and you stand here where your beliefs and images have loosened their stranglehold on your mind, your [...]


I Love You Hate


Love and Hate text concept on white and black dices Hate: that dreaded word; that dreaded feeling. Something we are told to overcome and rise above; something that is the basest and most destructive of human expressions. Hate, I hate you. This is where we begin. I hate YOU. It starts this way, back in time, we are young, we are undefended we are open. AND WE LOVE, and WE LIVE and WE FLOW and we are so alive and one with our own life force. And it happens, once, twice, then again and again. Someone or something meets [...]

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I just want to write about how it began. I imagine there are so many moments in life when a huge door is opening and we don’t even notice. We walk right by. In some ways my life had prepared me to listen. There had already been so many powerful moments that came because I listened. I had listened to the voice that said, “I want to live” when I was almost 31 and dying from drugs and alcohol. That time I had to be almost dead in order to hear, and the voice was close to a scream. As time [...]


There is no one to blame


I am not interested in blame. I am interested in liberation. Liberation comes from profound self – knowledge. The knowledge that comes when all blame is dropped and the arrows that go out with every incident, trigger, annoyance, fury, and conflict turn around and come flying back to pierce us to our core, touching the places that we need to see and feel to come all the way home.  The mantra becomes “Let me take full self responsibility for myself. Let me see who I am in this relationship. Let me feel all of who I will be if I know [...]

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