What do you have to say?


What do you want to say? 📣 We are opening the Radical Aliveness social platforms to invite ALL voices. This is a time, like no other for us all to LISTEN. So, what do you have to say? 🚫Rules: no slander, no promotion Everything else we will say YES to! 👉What to do: DM us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook your post or image. (If you wish to remain anonymous please let us know.) 👉Get feedback: We will post it and respond. 👉Participate in the conversation: Comment on someone's post to show support or to voice your own opinion. Let's see what [...]

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Healing on our way home


Dear beautiful, alive humans, Module one is done. And what a module it was. It is incredible to me to see the way our school keeps learning, growing, developing. Such an exciting time to be a part of the school, though honestly, it has always been an exciting school. I love the way it keeps changing and evolving. And all of you are part of this growth. Welcome year one! So great to feel all the new energy you bring! What we are doing together feels so meaningful. At this time when the world is so polarized, when this world is [...]

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Alive and Kicking


Radical Aliveness is alive and kicking. We have just finished our 3rd module at our new home in the hills of Bel Air. We finished a workshop at Esalen that was magical. And Mike Kubena, Peter Bregman and I just did our first two RA in Business workshops prototyping how to bring this specific work to the business world. Thank you to Amico for being so courageous to allow us to come and work with you. You inspired us and taught us so much. It is exciting to be part of a work that keeps evolving and maturing and growing and becoming [...]

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Radical Aliveness Institute Graduating Class Individual Projects


Healing the Sacred Mother Within Dede Stefan, 4th year Radical Aliveness Institute student Healing the Sacred Mother Within was awakened from a deep place of longing within me. It was the flow of life that gave me both many experiences surrounding the disease of addiction and the persistent nudging to seek healing for my issues stemming from the disease and other life influences. Radical Aliveness gave me the space to work with all of my feelings and the support and love that enabled me to heal. With deep gratitude for Radical Aliveness and a desire to provide a similar space to others, [...]

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What do successful grads think you should study?


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