The Radical Aliveness Institute is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for the following professional categories:

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs)
Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs)
Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEPs)
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCCs)

The following RAI programs currently offer CEUs:

2-Year Personal Transformation Program: Each 4-day module=28-30 CEUs.
4-Year Professional Certification Program. Each 4-day module=28-30 CEUs.
5-Day Hollyhock Workshop, Radical Aliveness; 22.25 CEUs
5-Day Omega Workshop, Radical Aliveness; 22.50 CEUs 
2-Day Workshop, Introduction to Radical Aliveness, 11-13.5 CEUs
(click link for information on number of hours for each workshop) 


Training in the methods and techniques of Radical Aliveness provides professionals with an opportunity to enhance your understanding and practice of counseling, psychotherapy and social work. All Institute programs and courses are designed to give professionals in these disciplines innovative, cutting-edge principles and a powerful set of therapeutic tools you can directly utilize and integrate into your practice. This work will expand and improve your effectiveness and success in working with individual clients, couples, families, and groups of any size or in any environment. 

The Radical Aliveness modality understands that the way in which energy is held or moved in the body is a reflection of a person’s personality and emotional and psychological states. The approach is marked by its distinct ability to apply this knowledge to work with group interactions and conflict resolution on both a small and a large-scale.

With this training, MFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs and LEPs will have additional tools to draw upon in order to interpret and diagnose client behaviors, navigate group and family dynamics, and mediate and manage conflicts in families, marriage, groups and even in organizations. You will learn a set of somatic techniques that will provide your clients with the option to engage in movement, posture expressions, and voice exercises in order to bring more consciousness and awareness to held and released energetic patterns in the body. Using these practices, you will be able to offer your clients new ways of expressing themselves, while facilitating desirable changes in behavior and an increase in your clients’ rates of recovery from anxiety, trauma, and depression. Integrating Radical Aliveness techniques into your practice can significantly assist you in leading clients toward healing from painful past experiences and trauma. This work allows people to step into a life of self-responsibility, empowerment, and positive leadership.

An important part of the training is the practitioner’s deep personal exploration leading to an increased ability to handle powerful emotions, conflicts and challenging situations as they arise with your clients in their practices. 


The Radical Aliveness Institute is a learning organization. The Radical Aliveness process is an open-inquiry model that evolves in the presence of new information.

A foundational value and goal is to provide learning and working environments of the highest level of personal and organizational integrity, personal responsibility, open-hearted connection, transparency and respect for all voices.

We provide…

Training in container building for cultural sensitivity and deep emotional process work;

Introduction to the concept of perceptual filter:

  • Practical experience of the ways in which socialization affects our assumptions, perceptions, beliefs and values. This is a mandatory pre-requisite for the Radical Aliveness contextual complexity work which goes beyond mainstream concepts of diversity theory. Our training cultivates an awareness of and sensitivity to national and cross-national complexity;

Training in the theories of and practical application of energy and consciousness:

  • Teachings in body/mind theory
  • Training in somatic psychology
  • Practical application of somatic techniques for personal, interpersonal and systemic intervention and healing;

An ongoing environment conducive to

  • processing conflict- learning to stand and stay present in the face of powerful emotions
  • listening- cultivating curiosity and the ability to stay in the conversation
  • expressing truth – being in a laboratory where you can find your authenticity and express yourself
  • holding divergent points of view simultaneously – growing your container and find the world inside of you
  • understanding self-responsibility and mutuality–knowing that you are the creator of all you are part of
  • opening to a full flow of energy – finding and embracing your life force

Students learn Radical Aliveness experientially through participating, connecting, and unmasking within a group context.

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