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The Radical Aliveness Institute offers two training programs in a learning environment that fosters the highest level of personal and organizational integrity, personal responsibility, open-hearted connection, transparency and respect for all voices.

The Personal Transformation Program…

*Please note at this time the RA Institute and all workshops are on pause due to Covid-19. Please feel free to contact us with questions. 

is a two-year curriculum to develop an empowered and focused ability to live a radically alive life, actualizing all we are to fully participate in our lives and to be of service to humankind and to the world.

The Personal Transformation Program curriculum facilitates

  • processing conflict- learning to stand and stay present in the face of powerful emotions
  • listening- cultivating curiosity and the ability to stay in any conversation
  • expressing truth – being in a laboratory where you can find  authenticity and express yourself
  • holding divergent points of view simultaneously – growing your container and find the world inside of 
and your deepest respect for the world outside of you
  • understanding self-responsibility and mutuality–deepening awareness of our impact on others and the world
  • opening to a full flow of energy – finding and embracing your life force.

Students learn Radical Aliveness experientially through participating, connecting, and unmasking within a group context. Class and group themes include:

Practical experience of the ways in which socialization affects our assumptions, perceptions, beliefs and values. This is a mandatory pre-requisite for the Radical Aliveness contextual complexity work which goes beyond mainstream concepts of diversity theory. Our training cultivates an awareness of and sensitivity to national and cross-national complexity;

  • Deep emotional process work. The Radical Aliveness group work encourages students to loosen attachments to the personal, identify themselves as part of a whole, and be in service to that greater whole. Holding a space for chaos encourages students to step quickly into creative leadership and healing roles.
  • Training in the theories of and practical application of energy and consciousness:
  • Teachings in body/mind theory
  • Training in somatic psychology
  • Practical application of somatic techniques for personal, interpersonal and systemic intervention and healing;
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The Professional Practitioner Certification Program…

is for students who have completed the Personal Transformation Program and wish to become a Professionally Certified Practitioner of Radical Aliveness by completing 2 additional years of study.

In RAI years 3 and 4, students learn how to apply the Radical Aliveness model toward their work as leaders and practitioners. Students who are accepted into this program will learn specific techniques for working with groups, clients, and organizations. We learn to let go of control and create a space where everything is welcomed in the service of learning self-responsibility and connection to the whole—skills that are needed to facilitate global change. Professional Program participants explore and hone their leadership style and are trained to be open to, aware of, and able to engage multiple perspectives, sometimes conflicting energetic forces, and wildly diverse intentions for the good of the whole. To earn certification as a Radical Aliveness Practitioner participants are required to complete a pre-approved leadership project in the community or within a professional context.

Both programs meet concurrently in Los Angeles, CA. Each academic year (October to June) consists of five residential training modules, with 4 days of classes during each module. See 2019-20 program location, dates and fees here.

Between modules, students maintain a schedule of homework and personal process work and supervision sessions.
See 2019-20 Student Handbook for academic requirements and school policies and procedures here.

Note, completion of the two-year certification program is required before enrolling at this level.

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