Create Change

//Create Change

It is not easy to change.

There are so many choice points- they are fleeting and we need to catch them because it is the only way to change. And they are hard to catch because catching them implies letting go of the past. It means we become willing to feel our pain- accept it, know it is ours to hold and to find out the gifts that are inherent in the lives that we have lived and every single thing that has shaped us. The healing we can hold for others comes directly from this place. In the feeling and accepting of the pain of our past we can face the pain in the present from a different place. We can interrupt our stories and ask ourselves, is this true for me in the here and now? And if it is not everything becomes simple. We can not take things on that don’t belong to us. We can open to what might be present for us. We can create boundaries and navigate conflict differently. We can let people know who we are (if we feel they want to know, and if they don’t we can simply hold that for ourselves, letting the young part of us know that even in moments when we are not seen or understood by the outside, we can see and STAY with ourselves.)
What could be better than that? 
Come to a workshop and CREATE CHANGE!