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Come for a casual evening gathering and explore A Willingness to be Changed.  

When we do the work in RAI, we do it with intentionality and purpose even if we don’t fully understand what we are jumping into.  Although we can have fun and pleasure, as well as discomfort and challenges, we hold open the space that we are willing to be changed by our new experiences to expand our perspectives.

A Gaelic proverb states, “Nothing is easy for the unwilling.” And if you are unwilling to face your fears and emotions, then forward progress on improving your quality of life will not be easy.  A willingness to be changed involves a vested interest in changing our behavior in the long run.

We will explore our willingness to change through exercises and movement.


Radical Aliveness Institute practitioners and alumnus lead Radical Aliveness Community Nights giving everyone the opportunity to explore this experiential and exciting work. If you’re familiar with Radical Aliveness, here’s a chance to jump back in with new people.

If you’re a curious first-time participant, learn what so many have already experienced with this powerful work. Bring friends, love ones, family for an evening session and discover what it means to be radically alive. This community night is devoted to creating opportunities for all who wish to:

Take a risk.
Align with your purpose.
Connect with others and/or find community.
Feel alive and open to your truth.
At Radical Aliveness Institute community nights, there’s space to get vulnerable and feel vital and alive!
No prior experience is necessary – everyone is welcome.

When & Where

November 9  – Makela Tango Dance Studio


Makela Tango Dance Studio, 9431 Venice Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232
Parking information: 1 hour metered parking is available on Venice Blvd, and on the side streets is available
What to bring: dress comfortable, water bottle


Suggested donation of $15, but not required.

If you have questions, please e-mail christina@radicalaliveness.org

About Radical Aliveness Institute

The Radical Aliveness Institute programs move our focus beyond individual power, and toward our larger self. They teach us how to be effective, influential participants in a new socio-political environment where we are all connected, where we can all participate, and where each individual is needed to create the wisdom of the whole.

Bob Wheeler is a certified Radical Aliveness and CORE Energetics Practitioner, as well as CFO of the world-famous The Comedy Store in Hollywood and a certified CPA. He recently launched a new podcast, Money You Should Ask, which features celebrities sharing their financial stories, conducts Proactive AbundanceRadical Abundance and Money at its CORE seminars across the USA and internationally, and his book, The Money Nerve: Navigating the Emotions of Money, explores the emotions surrounding money management and helps other to gain insight into why their feelings often trigger financial decisions.