Fear Not Fear

//Fear Not Fear

Fear. Be afraid, be very afraid, who told you not be afraid? Who said being afraid was bad? Be afraid. Something is coming and you don’t know what it is. Can you imagine being a human and not being afraid? How in the world can you be alive and not be afraid? Reality is HUGE- facing reality is scary. Life is HUGE – we are not in control. Just that is enough to scare the pants off of us. If we really allow the truth of life to hit us, then something is coming in every moment and we have NO IDEA what it is.  Wow, I am on a roller coaster like no other, wow, everything is beyond my control, wow, I don’t know, I DON’T KNOW!

Fear not your fear. Shake and quake and scream- it feels good. Let it take you just like a horror show. I am afraid, I am afraid I am afraid. It is the truth. What a relief to feel it. Has there ever been anyone alive who was not afraid? Where does that terror go when the world says no to it? When we are convinced that we shouldn’t be afraid. When we are convinced that others aren’t afraid. When we are convinced that fear is for babies and cowards, and weaklings. Where does that fear go? It gets turned into the stuff of nightmares, it creates horror in this world. Whatever we won’t feel is going to have to find a place to live- and you can see it in the world can’t you? More and more terrifying things are going on. Terror is on the warpath.

For some reason I am seeing very well put together men and women. They look so good, they look so strong. They don’t look like they are ever afraid. And they are stiff, and they are cold, and they push that quivering belly that has no protection, they push it way down, down so far that they know nothing but this sense of control. And the trembling stops, and the earth can die and it will never be felt. Babies will starve and others will suffer and it will never be felt. Whole communities will scream in terror and we won’t hear it. We will buy nice things and eat good food and continue on like NOTHING IS HAPPENING. And we will stay away from scary places and believe that those scary places live outside of us. And we will let others be terrorized on our behalf. And we will not know. We will not KNOW we are part of this.

Feel AFRAID- feel afraid of those who can’t feel fear. Feel afraid and feel what a gift you offer the world when you feel it. This feeling, this energy, it has to go somewhere. Feel it- let it course through your body and slice that quivering belly wide open.  Let yourself be laid bare. Right here, right here and right beyond here there is something so real and true. There is the realm where we truly don’t know and don’t need to know and we know that we don’t know. We are so small and we are eternal at the same time. Here we can hold a space that allows the mystery to exist. Here we find our sense of place, we are just these tiny specks of nothing in a universe so vast we can’t even imagine it. Here we know that we couldn’t possibly know. And that is good. Very good. Fear not your fear, for beyond fear there is our place, and beyond fear there is space, and beyond fear there is that soft soft spot where nothing needs to be hidden. Here fear is not fear, but the doorway to true power, aliveness, and the energy we surrender to on our way to the ground and the sky and our role as the conduit between.

When I was a child I learned to hide my fear. Now I let it shake me, I let it tell me of the vastness of what I am stepping into. And I let it soften me. And I let it live in me so it doesn’t have to live in others because I am afraid to feel it. Fear not, fear. And let me tell you one more thing they all forgot to tell you when they called you names and made you feel small for this feeling- it takes a lot of courage to feel fear. So feel it courageous one. You do the world a service.

-Ann Bradney