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In years 3 and 4, students who have completed the 2-year Training learn how to apply the Radical Aliveness model toward their work as leaders and practitioners. Students who are accepted into this program will learn specific techniques for working with groups, clients, and organizations. We learn to let go of control and create a space where everything is welcomed in the service of learning self-responsibility and connection to the whole—skills that are needed to facilitate global change. In years 3 and 4 participants explore and hone their leadership style and are trained to be open to, aware of, and able to engage multiple perspectives, sometimes conflicting energetic forces, and wildly diverse intentions for the good of the whole. To earn certification, participants are required to complete a pre-approved leadership project in the community or within a professional context.

Successful completion of and graduation from the 2-year Radical Aliveness Leadership Training

After completion of the 2-Year Program, students must apply and be accepted, in order to continue on to the 4-Year Professional Program

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Curriculum Description

Year Three

In year-three, students begin immersion training to be credentialed Radical Aliveness leaders. They get intensive, hands-on practice in a professional setting using the techniques and applying the concepts they learned in years one and two. This year consists of two aspects: First, all students are asked to develop and implement a supervised project based on their unique vision for using their leadership and healing capacities as change agents in the world. Second, students learn and practice tools and skills for holding a “healing container” — that is, a space in which an individual or group of individuals can express raw, transformative emotions without being controlled or contained, in order to be fully available and in service to the future as it emerges.  Students practice energetic, emotional, and spiritual techniques for working with self, other students, and the world, and explore specific issues such as maintaining their leadership role, managing difficult people and situations, and using personal triggers in the service of transformation. Having worked with each other as peers, year-three students are now asked to assume individual leadership roles. They get support from each other in developing their professional projects, and supervision from faculty in their new roles as leaders and healers.

Year Four

In year four, participants get continued feedback, group support, and concentration on their leadership strengths, areas that need refinement, and problems that arise in their practice sessions,  interpersonal relationships and projects. At this time, participants may either begin a new project or expand the existing project. The project is about making a difference in the world. It supports the Institute’s foundational belief that human beings not only have innate capacity to help our world, but that each of us, when we fully embrace our strengths, gifts, and responsibility, will be able to make a difference. Students develop proficiency in the skills needed to do their outside professional work, and are evaluated on those skills. In year four, we revisit the concepts of higher self, lower self, and mask and do deep process work in these areas — this time from the leader’s rather than student’s perspective. The project culminates in a presentation given to students and faculty. Graduates of the four-year program receive certification as Radical Aliveness leaders.

Requirements during academic year:

  • In-person attendance to class sessions during each Module
  • Completion of homework in between each Module
  • Earn 10 credits of process work sessions with an Institute approved practitioner; these can include individual sessions and/or participation in group Radical Aliveness or Core Energetics workshops
  • Earn 10 credits of supervision sessions
  • Completion of a pre-approved leadership project in the community or within a professional context

Graduates of the 4-Year Professional Certification Program receive:

  • Radical Aliveness Institute® diploma
  • Certification in Radical Aliveness Group Facilitation with a Specialization in Core Energetics
  • Eligibility to be included in our Referral Center’s directory of practitioners
  • Eligibility to list services and events in Alumni Activities section of Radical Aliveness Institute® website
  • Eligibility to lead evenings as part of the Radical Aliveness Institute® sponsored Free Monthly Community nights
  • Alumni discounted rates for professional practitioner supervision

Contact us for more information: 310-751-0606 or email: admissions@radicalaliveness.org