Healing on our way home

//Healing on our way home

Dear beautiful, alive humans,

Module one is done. And what a module it was. It is incredible to me to see the way our school keeps learning, growing, developing. Such an exciting time to be a part of the school, though honestly, it has always been an exciting school. I love the way it keeps changing and evolving. And all of you are part of this growth.

Welcome year one! So great to feel all the new energy you bring!

What we are doing together feels so meaningful. At this time when the world is so polarized, when this world is burning, when people demonize each other and never have the privilege of being in a room where they get to go beyond the categories that are thrust upon us from every direction … WE have the incredible blessing of being together, seeing past the simple stories, understanding the complex human experiences that create the beings that we are.
What are we doing? We are learning to listen. To be curious. To find out how we have learned to see the world and to see how others have also learned to see. We have a chance to say things and feel things that we could never say and feel in the world in a way that leads to a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. We have a chance to be moved by our peers, by ourselves, to expand our own consciousness and awareness, and learn tools that will allow us to go into the world in ways that further communication, compassion, and healing.

I know not everyone loves the word healing, but I will say for me that healing means that we can come home to ourselves. ALL THE WAY. It means that we can integrate all of our life experiences and be part of a community that holds space for each of us to find our way home. Healing means that we care more about each other, and each other’s experiences. Healing means that we step out of our bubbles and open to everyone’s right to be heard, seen, validated. Healing means that we understand that our liberation is tied to the liberation of others. We are part of a whole. Healing means we can see our parents in their humanity, even when what they might have given was not good enough. Healing means that we take responsibility for our experience and know that all the ways we learned to survive, and thrive, have power and wisdom for the here and now. We are not broken, we are not weak, and our lives are intricately tied to all that is.

You came, you stayed, you risked, you felt, you listened, you taught, you participated. Thank you and thank yourselves. Remember the beating hearts of all of us. When you are out in the world, in your lives, practice what you learned. Bring all the skills you are getting to the world around you. For me, that includes the planet, the air, the water, the plants, and the animals.

Thank you to the teachers, the resident faculty, and the resident faculty in training. Thank you to AJU for letting us use their space, Thank you to the people who clean our rooms and serve us food. Thank you to Dede for stepping into this new position. Thank you, Christina, for your hard work behind the scenes. You help so much. Thank you, Patricia, for holding the vision from day one. And thank you, Lisa and Steve, you are here with us for the projects even though you are not with us in person.

Piper, we missed you! And Shanya and Carol, and Punam, and Nogol (hope you can make it next module). It is amazing how each person is so important for the whole.

I feel so blessed and grateful to be home no matter where I am.
Love to you and yours,