This is how it happens. We come together, we, a group of beings who join in a common purpose, to heal. And in that field something happens. We hold each other, we affect each other, we help each other reach a realm where time and matter no longer have a hold on us.

I can see it. You have cried, you have felt, you have been transported to this place where everything is possible. I see you- you have passed through that sacred doorway and you stand here where your beliefs and images have loosened their stranglehold on your mind, your energetic patterns have fallen away, everything is possible, all can be changed, everything rewritten. This place is luminous, it is expansive, it can be seen and felt. All you have to do is recognize it and let go of your belief in separation and feel yourself as part of all that is.

Everything shimmers, everything is malleable here, all can change in a moment. It doesn’t take years here.

Let go now, let yourself be healed and re-formed. Let the rigid patterns that have been holding you fall away- open into this space where your cells can reconstitute and fill out, where history is rewritten and the past and the future are all in this moment and your changing changes everything back in time and into the future. You will heal your ancestors and everyone who comes after you. You have that power in this moment to let everything shift. This is how it is meant to be- this is part of our capacity if only we can know it in this moment. That we are capable of healing ourselves fully from the hurts that shaped and distorted us. When we allow them in all the way, when we feel them all the way, when we open to them all the way they are the doorway to THIS place where we become shape-shifters.

I see you- the black cape which has wrapped you in its dark folds is falling away. Your cells that have been misshapen and crushed can open. There is moisture here, there is light here, there is SPACE here for everything in you to take its true shape.

Do it, let go. This is what we are learning now in this time; that we humans are miraculous beings, that our emotions, when felt all the way, open doorways in the universe. That we are meant to be able to heal fully and to change the story of our past and our future, not though denial or fantasy- but by claiming our ability as the amazing beings that we are as creators in this field, to heal ourselves and others.

The time has come, we have no time to waste.