What does it mean to be fabulously alive?

//What does it mean to be fabulously alive?

Life is many things, it can be hard and exciting and frightening and ecstatic. When you think of the hugeness of it, the mystery and the awesome uncontrolled force of it, it is nothing short of FABULOUS. What a privilege it is to be alive.

I love the name of our upcoming fundraiser: fabulous aliveness. It really indicates what we are doing at the school. We work on staying alive, awake, excited and open in the face of all that life brings us. It requires us to learn how to use our experiences as a pathway to find out more about our (fabulous!) selves. We use everything that is part of what we encounter as a way to become more empowered.  And then we can be present in the here and now in ways that truly express that power, and give us choice.

Life shapes us if we let it.  In the deep work we do in our modules,l we are actively using life experiences to become who we are meant to be. And we see that the moment we learn this ability —  we become liberated; we become active participants in this thing called life. We take life’s hand and we join it in a creative collaboration. We can use everything. EVERYTHING to come home to our (fabulous) selves!

Of course, this requires a lot from us. It requires our willingness to feel everything that is ours to feel. It requires the humility to see ourselves. To know things that might not be easy to know about ourselves. It requires a YES to being with our real power and our real limitations. It requires courage, curiosity, and staying power. But ultimately it is from here that we take our place as part of the whole.

What does it mean to be fabulously alive? It means that we are in a process that contributes to wholeness in life. We take our place as part of everything that is in existence. Our actions and our choices are a contribution. It means we are doing our best. It means we feel our humanity as something sacred and meaningful.

Come celebrate with us. Come be with our evolving, changing, growing community. There couldn’t be a better description of the school than as an evolving, changing, growing system. It is so much fun to be part of this and we want to see you there.

We have always raised money for the school and the scholarships. And we have always had creative and dedicated students and alumni helping. But this year is something ELSE. We have never had so many students involved in the fundraising. A big shout out to Peter Avildsen and Aija Kins who are spearheading the event. The community has picked it up and RUN and the entire journey feels so fabulously alive with celebration of gratitude for where we have been, where we have come, and where we will go and the things we will discover together.

Fabulous Aliveness: It is a party, it is a way to raise money for a good cause and to hang out with old friends and new. Come have fun, meet many of our faculty and our students and alumni.  And most of all, come be fabulously alive! We want to see you there. If you can’t come, go to our page and donate and find out all the other ways you can be involved. We are going to have an auction that you can participate in online.

So if you love Radical Aliveness and want to be part, JOIN IN!! And if you live close, come and play with us.  

Hope to see you there! Ann