Radical Aliveness is a wonderful way of living my own life and working as a therapist. I am using Radical Aliveness to help adults and couples to work out their struggles, to understand their own histories, find their truth and gain more and more freedom within themselves and their relationships. When this happens, we can all make bigger contributions to the world in all the roles we have and play in our contexts.

The Radical Aliveness Institute is a huge opportunity for personal awareness and growth and an opportunity to be part of a great healing that the planet needs.

Carolina Marín, Bogotá, Colombia

This is truly the most amazing work I have ever found – a course of study that feels so real and full. I never thought I could connect to people in such an incredibly truthful and fulfilling way- letting them see me all the way, in my struggles and triumphs. It is so liberating. ALL OF YOU and everything that you want to bring – everything you ever imagined you are, everything that you’ve ever hidden or been afraid/ashamed of become part of your greatest strength in truly acknowledging your simple amazing presence as a human being. It feels incredible – feeling all of the terror and anger and resistance I have held back in my life – and letting other people see it and support me in it – and then letting those same people see me filled with the real aliveness and joy that comes from being who I really am. I am learning to connect to people and give my gifts.

Brian Wood, Orange, CA

The use of this work in the writing process shines a light on the deep connection between the client and his script – it not only empowers the client to bring this connection into the light of day, but it further gives him tools to actually feel into the connection and move the energy necessary to create a complete piece of work. The more the writer gets to know his script, the more he gets to know himself. In the end, the writer doesn’t just write a thematically realized screenplay, he also gets to transform those themes inside himself. In this context, creative blocks do not need to be met with dread, judgment or resistance – they are simply indicators of held energy that needs to be explored for deeper information about the writer’s personal relationship to her work.

Jamie Stein, Los Angeles, CA