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RAI, through the generosity of its graduates and supporters, awards a limited amount of funds to qualified individuals for whom partial financial aid is critical for their enrollment or continuation of studies in the RAI 2-Year or 4-Year Training Program.

Students are expected to pursue independent avenues for financing their tuition and are asked to apply for tuition assistance only as a last resort. Tuition assistance is awarded on a one-time basis and should not be construed as an ongoing award. However, students may apply each year over the course of their enrollment. A new application must be submitted for each tuition-assistance cycle in which a student applies.

The RAI Board of Directors and Tuition Assistance Committee ask that you carefully consider the following award criteria and requirements before you apply for any financial assistance. The intention here is to ensure that the program completely supports the mission and values of the school. If you are able to make the commitments required of tuition assistance recipients as well as being willing to embody the spirit with which these funds are given, you will be asked to sign the tuition assistance agreement in the link below and submit it with your application.


When we review applications and speak with applicants, we evaluate a number of factors:

Need: Does the applicant demonstrate need such that s/he would not be able to attend RAI without some form of financial assistance?

Self-Responsibility: To what extent is the applicant stepping up to cover as much of the cost of the RAI program as possible? This is important both as one of the values of the RAI training and also to leverage the limited funds that we have to disburse.

Complexity: Who is the applicant and what does s/he bring to the school? Our intention with this criterion is to support the school’s desire to reflect the world in all its complexity. In the past, we used “diversity” as a category. We have discontinued this because we believe that “complexity” better captures what the school is moving toward and embracing, and avoids some of the fixed concepts that are associated with the category of diversity.

Giving to the World: What does the applicant intend to do with the RAI training to further the healing and growth of individuals, communities and the earth? While a concrete post-program plan is not required, we do look for applicants to have a purpose or intention to connect the RAI program with bettering the world.


1. Maximum Tuition Percentage Funded

In order to support applicants in self-funding the RAI program as much as possible and to leverage limited resources, the following funding levels are available:

School Year

California Residents

Outside California

International Residents













Please note the step down in awards. This is to bring awards to an ideal level in as gradual fashion as possible. Also, the Committee reserves the right to award above these levels in rare cares for students who find themselves in temporary and unusually challenging financial circumstances.

2. Use of Tuition Assistance. Tuition assistance may only be used for the school year for which it was awarded and can only be received if the full school year is completed. If the student does not complete their school year, they will be responsible for paying back the tuition assistance amount that has already been expended on their behalf for the portion of the year that they participated. The only exception will be if students need to drop out for personal health reasons.

3. Disbursement of funds. For students opting to pay their tuition on a payment plan, the year’s scholarship funds will be disbursed evenly over the length of the payment plan.


Tuition assistance is made available solely through the generosity, commitment and belief in RAI of our donors, many of whom are graduates desiring to pay their valued education forward in impactful ways. You will be receiving this education, and the RAI and its donors will be investing in you as a contributor to the RAI community. When you apply for tuition assistance we ask that you do so with a full awareness of the investment that is being made in you.

If you choose to apply, as part of your application you will be asked to acknowledge the spirit with which financial awards are given and make the following commitments:

1. You will fulfill all requirements completely and on time, as specified in the RAI Student Handbook. This includes homework, project work (if applicable), personal process sessions, supervision sessions (if applicable), class attendance and financial payments. You recognize that not completing any of the above requirements on time puts further disbursement of your tuition assistance funds in jeopardy.

2. You will complete the year for which you receive this assistance. If you drop out of the program prior to completion, you will immediately refund the total amount of financial assistance you have received for this program year thus far.

3. If you are accepting financial assistance for the Professional Certification Program, (RAI years 3 and 4), you have considered the rigors of the program and assert, on good faith, that it is currently fully your intention to complete the two years and meet all the requirements to be certified as a Radical Aliveness Practitioner.


Due to the detailed nature of the review activity and the time commitment involved, we are unable to allow exceptions to missed deadlines. Therefore, please pay close attention to the following due dates as you navigate the process.

Wednesday, May 15: Application documents available on Radical Aliveness website.

Tuesday, July 16: Deadline for questions to be submitted to the Committee regarding the

Application, Tuition Assistance Agreement, and supporting documentation. Please read through the entire application to ensure that you understand all of the requirements.  Please submit questions to:

Thursday, July 25:

  1. Complete all academic, process/supervision sessions and financial requirements for the 2018/19 school year. In order to be eligible to apply for tuition assistance, a student must have completed all the requirements they agreed to complete when they signed their initial acceptance letter. These requirements include homework, attendance, process/supervision sessions and financial commitments for the 2018/19 school year and are outlined in detail in the Student Handbook. If you are not sure whether you have met these requirements, please contact your Class Coordinator well before this date so that you can complete any outstanding items. If these requirements are not met, the committee will not accept a student’s application.
  2. Send the Tuition Assistance Committee an email at with your confirmation that you will be submitting an application on or before August 1.  The Committee will then send you a dedicated and secure link for your application.  If you plan to submit your application before July 25, please notify the committee and we will send you a link.

Thursday, August 1: Application, Tuition Assistance Agreement, and all supporting documentation due Thursday, August 1, 2019, 11:59PM Pacific Daylight Time.  Upload completed application to our secure site using the link provided.  Materials will only be viewed by members of the Committee. Late applications will not be accepted. Incomplete applications will be returned and must be re-submitted by the August 1 due date in order to be accepted.

August 1-8: Committee confirms receipt of complete application and schedules interview.

August 5-16: Applicant Interviews. In addition to the materials provided in the application, the Committee will conduct interviews with all Applicants.  The purpose of the interview is to review the information in the application, give the Applicant an opportunity to discuss any issues that are not in the application and generally give the Committee members and the Applicant a chance to get to know one another better.  Interviews will be conducted by 1-2 Committee members.

August 17-21: Tuition Assitance committee meets to review applications

August 22: Committee sends decisions to Applicants by email.

Tuesday, September 3: Applicants notify Committee of decision

Click here to download the instructions for completing the application. 

Click here to download the application (PDF version).

Click here to download the application (Word version).

Click here to download the tuition assistance cover letter.

Click here to view the Tuition Assistance Agreement.

Contact us for more information: 310-751-0606 or email:

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