The training programs and retreats of the Radical Aliveness Institute work with the intersection of systemic reality and emotional process, creating a space where hearts can be held with an awareness of world and social realities as well as family-of-origin issues. It is an environment where people from all walks of life, from all positions and roles, have space to be in relationship with each other and understand, feel, heal and transform on all levels of their being.

Offering a rigorous, ground-breaking curriculum for personal transformation and leadership, RAI cultivates leaders worldwide who authentically act from their hearts and from a deep place of knowing and understanding themselves and others. The innovative and unique Radical Aliveness method trains students how to skillfully work with, heal and transform complex personal and social issues. Radical Aliveness is eye opening, awareness growing, conflict resolving, community making. It bridges gaps and promotes understanding, relationship and connection where profound differences have lived, where we have despaired of solutions.

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“When you can learn to engage powerful feelings without the need to control or tame them, that is Radical Aliveness.”
-Ann Bradney, Founder

The far-reaching discoveries from this program arise through somatic process, deep feeling and awareness work — leading to more self-awareness, cultural sensitivity and skills to create effective change in all areas of your life and world. As you embrace multiple perspectives and explore the freedom of true self-expression, you learn how to experience the powerful feelings of others without needing to mold or tame them. you become a radically alive leader — filled with fresh insights, ingenious solutions and new possibilities.  A passionate and influential change agent in a rapidly changing world.


This is the place where we know and can see our own and others deep goodness and essence. A non-shaming heart creates a space where deep vulnerability feels safe to emerge. Here we know that any judgments we have, personally or socially, are ours to own and understand so that we can stand with others in our shared equality and humanity.

Knowing I don’t know means that I know I have a perceptual filter that is connected to how I was socialized and that it shapes the way I see things, the assumptions I make, and the things I value. If we are not aware we have a perceptual filter we will misinterpret what we see according to our own narrow perspective. We will also JUDGE others ways of being based on our unconscious values.

The first thing I need to do is to understand, name and VALIDATE my own perspective. When I know and proactively work on becoming aware of understanding the ways I have come to perceive the world (perceptual filter) I can be open to other people’s experiences and perspectives that are not the same as mine.

When I know I don’t know and I embrace and am open to multiple perspectives I have an opportunity to EVOLVE because I am allowing NEW INFORMATION INTO MY AWARENESS. We need each other to become who we are meant to be. Multiple perspectives expand us. They help us to experience ways of being that we haven’t known about. This gives us the opportunity to see places where the information we have been holding has been incomplete or inaccurate and allows us to change our hearts and minds. This creates the healing of relationships as well as social issues.

Saying yes to everything is an attitude of openness and curiosity- it is an attitude that says, I allow the impulses and energy that want to flow in me and in others with an intention towards consciousness and transformation. It is an attitude that says I will STAY to the best of my ability when you show up in your own unique way. We say yes knowing that in order to know our selves and others fully, all feelings, energy, and expressions are necessary to come into the light to be transformed by consciousness and awareness.